Liturgical Ministries

The commitment I envision must be in our Catholic bones: the need to assemble each Sunday, to make common our prayer in song, to hear the scriptures and reflect on them, to intercede for all the world, to gather over the bread and wine which are for us the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, and finally, to go from that room to our separate worlds…

~Joseph Cardinal Bernardin
Distributing the consecrated bread and wine at liturgy is an integral part of our communal identity. Through this sharing of elements we not only acknowledge, but also become the presence of Christ for one another as His Body and Blood. Those interested in serving are required to attend a training session scheduled at their convenience.
At Sheil, our Music Ministry is comprised of a choir, cantors and instrumentalists who assist the assembly in its sung prayer at all of our Sunday Masses, Holy Days and special liturgies. We encourage anyone interested to offer their gifts to the Music Ministry, when and how their schedule permits. A weekly mandatory rehearsal for the ensembles takes place an hour and fifteen minutes before each Mass on Sunday. Although no past experience is required, some sense of musicianship is necessary in order to support the community in this task. Rehearsals for special liturgies are scheduled as needed.
Readers are our storytellers, proclaiming the Word of God and drawing our community into the scriptures. Interested readers are required to attend a training workshop in order to participate.
The Sacristans at Sheil are responsible for the general preparation of resources used during any given liturgy. They assist the presider, as well as serve as the initial minster of hospitality to the community. Those interested in serving are required to attend a training session scheduled at their convenience.
The instruction of the Church tells us that, even though unleavened and baked, the Eucharistic bread used at celebration should truly have the appearance of food. Therefore, we use what is commonly referred to as substantial bread at Sheil. The bread we receive each week is the work of our assembly’s hands. Anyone who would like to follow the recipe is invited to participate in this ministry. Students without available kitchens are welcome to use the facilities at Sheil
Contact Angela Stramaglia, Director of Music & Liturgy  for more information or submit “Get Invloved” option on this page