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Sunday+1 is an opportunity to take the next step in your spiritual journey and go beyond what we do on Sundays. Students are invited to discern how they may go deeper in faith:

  1. Sunday:

    Attend Sunday Mass regularly and pray with the campus Catholic community on Sundays.

  2. +:

    Claim one other day of the week to be involved in some experience through Sheil to come alive in the love of Jesus with your campus Catholic community through vibrant worship, transformative learning, and prophetic justice. Examples include: going on a retreat, making a mission trip, or participating in a bible study. See the many options listed at the bottom of this page.

  3. 1:

    Give of your treasure, even a penny or hour of your time, to the campus Catholic community to support its mission to you and your fellow Wildcats every quarter.

Associates will be invited to pray for or serve as spiritual companions with students.


Discern what you will do for your "+" this academic session. Are you feeling God call you towards participating more in worship, learning, or justice activities? Print the Discernment Guide here and use it in your prayer to discern where you are being called.  You are also invited to set up a time to speak with a Sheil team member if you would like help with your discernment. You can reach out to anyone on the team here.

Options for Your "+":

Vibrant Worship - Click on each one to learn more.



Daily Mass


Liturgical Ministries (i.e. Lector, Sacristan, Cantor, Musician, etc.)

Transformative Learning - Click on each one to learn more.

Catholic Scholars

Sacramental Life Seminar

Environmental Justice Seminar

Small Groups: "Women's Group," "Men's Group," and "Rules of Life"

Encounter Retreat

Sacred Spaces Series: Meet the Sacred

Vocations Panel

Sheil School of Religion Catechist

CaSA (Catholic Student Association for Undergraduates)

GYA (Graduate students and Young Adults)

Prophetic Justice - Click on each one to learn more.

Mission Trips

Hilda's Place Homeless Shelter

St. Moses the Black Food Pantry

Nursing Home Visits

Cheap Lunch Volunteers

Human Dignity Box