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Do you want to go deeper in your spiritual journey?

You may wish to engage with spiritual direction. At its heart, Spiritual Direction is about just that – looking at the direction in which you are going and asking yourself: Am I headed toward God or away from God at this time? Is what I am doing consistent with who I am, what I am passionate about, and what God has called me to? How have I responded to the voice of God so far?

A Spiritual Director helps you listen to, look for, and articulate the movement and call of God in your life. It is not the role of the director to tell you what to do or to solve problems for you. Instead, the director is a companion in the spiritual life and together, you and your director look for where God is already present in your life, for ways to grow deeper in awareness of God’s presence, and for ways in which you might respond to God’s love and call.

Take the Next Step

Contact Sister Belinda Monahan, OSB, Director of Transformative Learning, by phone 847.328.4648 or email here. You will be paired with a staff member or external spiritual director who can walk with you on your faith journey. If you are affiliated with Northwestern, the cost of spiritual direction will be covered by Sheil Catholic Center. If you are a member of the wider community, the cost will be assessed on a per person basis.

Need More Support?

College can be a uniquely stressful time in life. The Sheil staff is also available to talk. Whenever you feel the need to speak with someone, please call the center at 847-328-4648 and ask to speak with a member of our campus ministry team. You may also wish to contact Northwestern's Counseling and Psychological Services here or Northwestern's "TimelyCare" here.