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Community News

Do you have news for the community, a talent to offer the community, or a need? Are you part of a production that you want to invite the community to attend? Email us if you'd like to post it here. You can also post a paper copy to the community bulletin board at the Sheil's Evanston campus on the wall by the first floor kitchen or the community bulletin board outside the main door at Sheil's Chicago campus. Check out Sheil's events calendar here to find a full listing of sponsored upcoming events.

Christmas Trees to Support Chicago Children's Christmas Wishes

Associate Rich Gentile founded the charity "Santa for a Day" in 2018. The nonprofit fulfills letters to Santa from approximately 2,000 disadvantaged children in Chicago. To support these efforts, people are invited to purchase a Christmas Tree with all proceeds going to support the mission. Rich writes:

Get a great Christmas tree—and do good! Santa has set aside 100 of the finest, freshest Fraser fir Christmas trees he has ever seen to help support the efforts of one of your favorite organizations, Santa for a DayThey come from the Northwoods of Wisconsin, and will be available fresh cut for immediate pick up or delivery. 

Supply is limited, so order now! It is quick, it's easy, and you will get a beautiful Fraser fir tree, while providing hope. Proceeds will be used to FULFILL the CHRISTMAS WISHES of underserved kids in Evanston. It's a Win, Win!  But HURRY, they will go fast! Click here to secure your tree now!


January 2023 through July 2023 Financial Report

Click here to view the Sheil Catholic Center's six-month financial report for the months of January 2023-July 2023.

All Souls Ofrenda

All are invited to bring a copy of an image of a loved one who has passed away to be placed on this year's ofrenda that will be built at Sheil Catholic Center, Evanston. We encourage copies instead of actual photos due to the public nature of the building. If you do bring an actual photo, please make sure to include your name and contact information on the back. Please bring your images by Sunday, October 29th and place them in the box in the commons.

News from Associate Amy Keefner

Associate, Amy Keefner, will be sharing her knowledge and experience of the Senior Living Industry at Trulee of Evanston.  Amy educates you on the nuances and how to navigate what can be confusing options.   Listen as she discusses the hard questions and decisions to make.  There are two dates you can choose from, November 8th or 15th with refreshments provided.  RSVP is required by calling/texting Amy at 773.294.7993.

Support a Refugee Family

St. John 23rd Parish’s Peace and Justice Committee (formerly St. Mary/St. Nick) has funds to support a refugee Venezuelan family to move in or near the Evanston area (i.e. Rogers Park or Skokie). They only need a one-bedroom space and it could be an apartment, a basement, coach house, etc.  The Peace and Justice Committee has met the family and looks forward to supporting them in their journey. Any possible leads welcome. Please contact Sheil Associate Judy McEvoy at 847.644.6867 or

Fall Schedule

The fall events schedule can be found on our events page here.

The fall Mass schedule can be found on our worship page here.

Let's Pray

For all the special intentions shared with the Sheil Catholic Center.

Submit your special intentions here. Submissions are anonymous and will not be shared on this page.