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Join Our Mission

The Sheil Catholic Center is seeking a disciple to join our team in the ministry of Campus Minister for Vibrant Worship. The Sheil Catholic Center at Northwestern University serves the students, faculty, and staff of Northwestern University, in both Evanston and Chicago, as well as those who support us in our mission (associates). Sheil engages approximately 1,000 students throughout the course of an academic year. We are looking for someone to join our campus ministry team in accompanying and engaging the Northwestern student community as well as our wider community in experiences of vibrant worship.

A full job description can be found here.

Apply Today

If you are feeling called to this position, please submit the following:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter: The letter can include whatever you would like us to know about you, but also we ask you to reflect on these three questions:
    • Why do you feel called to accompany young people in a university setting like Northwestern?
    • What about the mission of the Sheil Catholic Center attracts you?
    • How would you work towards creating vibrant worship experiences that are rooted in and foster missionary discipleship?

All of the requested information and anything else you would like to share should be sent to Fr. Bradley Zamora, Director and Chaplain of the Sheil Catholic Center, at by January 15, 2023.