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The Sheil Catholic Center at Northwestern University accompanies students and associates in becoming witnesses to Love through vibrant worship, transformative learning, and prophetic justice.


Alive in the love of Jesus.


Empathy. Encounter. Engagement.

We invited different members of the Sheil team to share their thoughts on how these values are lived among the Sheil Catholic community:

Empathy is at the heart of the Christian story. Jesus invites all disciples to empathize with others, especially those who are different from us. He models for us how empathize: by listening to another’s story and to let that story touch our hearts. At Sheil, we strive to live out the value of empathy by acknowledging each person as sacred, meeting them where they are, listening to their stories, and opening our hearts to them. In doing so, we encounter the Christ who lives within each of us. - Nicole Sotelo, Director of Mission Engagement

Encounter is to meet Jesus in one another. At Sheil, we strive to live encounter by the relationships we form based on the love of Jesus. This personal relationship affects who we are and how we act with one another. This encounter impels us as a Sheil community to be engaged in the world as witnesses to God’s love. - Tim Higgins, Campus Minister

Engagement grows out of encounter and joins our journeys together. It allows us to support one another in building the Kingdom of God in this time and place. At Sheil, we strive to live out the value of engagement by generously pouring out our lives in service to Jesus and one another through courageous acts of love. - Sister Belinda Monahan, OSB, Director of Transformative Learning